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Book 114Book 114
Camel hair from Uppinghams ! Knits into a wonderful soft fabric. Three strands of Metro Crepe match the tension, so one pattern with a choice of yarns to knit it in !
Price: 4.00

Book 113Book 113
A lovely cosy jumper for those cooler days. Knitted in 2 strands of lambswool from Uppinghams. Sinlge bed with ribbed hems, and a hand knit collar. You knit cord on the machine with 1 strand, then handknit a lovely collar. Can be close or a loose cowl
Price: 4.00

Book 112Book 112
Two strands of lambswool knitted in half fishersman rib to make this cardy / coat.
Price: 4.00

Book 111Book 111
Twinset knitted in Metropolitan Crepe. You are knitting stripes on the Cardy, with a single strand then 3 strands for a lightweight transparent striped cardy. Underneath, cap sleeve top to compliment the set
Price: 4.00

Book 110Book 110
Woven Cardy, light weight and simple. Base yarn is a single strand of fine crepe and the weaving yarn 2ply lambswool. Once woven the threads are cut, then the garment is washed which slightly felts the wool creating a n easy textured cardy....
Price: 4.00

Book 109Book 109
Knit a scarf and make a cardy !! its that a couple of hours.....

Worked in 1 strand of fine crepe or for a heavier cardy use Uppinghams Filagree, all knitted in Full Ndl Rib,

If you prefer knit with 2 strands of Lambswool from Uppinghams and make a coat, or get the calculator out (full instructions included on sizing ) and knit in yarn off your shelf. Couldn't be easier for these colder nights.
Price: 5.00

Book 108Book 108
Simple sideways knitted cardy in 5 strands of fine crepe from Yeomans or Metropolitan, OR knitted in 4 strands of Uppinghams Filagree. The Cardy is 'Twice Knitted' as the front bands and cuffs are handknitted with cord machine knitted with your yarn. Up to 42 inch bust

PS Sorry no pattern yet for Book 107.......miss numbered...Whoops
Price: 3.50

Crepe Skirt CollectionCrepe Skirt Collection
A collection of all my Skirts in Fine Crepe, all under one cover, singlebed and one doublebed.

Excellent value with full details and hints on pressing through to final finsihing.

36 hips up to 50 inch hips
Price: 6.00

Book 106Book 106
Lined Coat knitted on the Standard Gauge machine with 2 strands of Uppinghams 2ply Lambswool giving a 4ply weight. The outer coat is knitted with 2 strands while the lining is just worked with 1 strand. The coat features garter stitch work (optional) on the hemline and ribbed (unlined) sleeves. Can be worn open if you like the waterfall look.

Sizes Small Medium Large and XLarge

Price: 5.00

Book 105Book 105
A Simple Waterfall Sleeveless waistcoat knitted in 2 strands of 1ply Merino, from Uppinghams or Yeoman Yarns.

In the photo it is being worn with my cowl neck from Book 104, also the fabric can be plated (it doesn't have to be) but adds detail by making a two colour knit.

Sizes Small Medium Large and XLarge

Price: 2.00

Book 104Book 104
A top for the evening or day wear, depending how your dress it up ! I trimmed my off-white cowl and cuffs with Swarovski pearls. Knitted on the standard gauge machine with 2 strands of fine crepe from Yeomans or Metropolitan. Easy knitting with interesting folding on the neckline to create the cowl neck. Sizes 34 to 46 bust
Price: 4.00

Book 103Book 103
A very easy knit top in 2 strands of Fine crepe from Yeomans or Metropolitan. Wear it loose over a top for that layered look. Detail on neckline has been crocheted with tubular knitting. Pattern also includes the top in white (or what ever colour your fancy !) as shown in the picture

Sizes Small, Medium and Large

The skirt is also available separately

Price: 3.00

Fingerless GlovesFingerless Gloves
Simple Lace design on the cuff, techniques include latch tool cast on, hand tooled lace or lace carriage and if you have it garter bar. Can be knitted in most yarns from 1ply to 4 ply , and knitted for any sized hand
Price: 1.50

Book 102Book 102
A fantastic Waterfall Jacket knitted in 1 ply Merino Wool, which is available from Yeoman Yarns or Uppinghams. Easy to knit
Price: 4.00

Book 101Book 101
A two piece suit knitted in Fine Crepe using the weaving technique. I have self woven, then cut floats to create fringing. Jacket has three quarter sleeves and is team with a full flard skirt.
Price: 4.50

Book 100Book 100
Unusual Easy to Knit two Cardigans / Jackets knitted on the ribber in Industrial rib in Lambswool. The Cardy is knitted in 2 pieces on the SAME NUMBER OF STITCHES. The Sleeves and the back yoke knitted just like a scarf, Straight!! While the body is knitted in the round sideways like a skirt with holding /short rowing. The Lambswool I used comes from Uppinghams stocked in 120 colours !!

A fun Jacket to knit, warm to wear casual or even Posh !!
Price: 5.00

Book 99Book 99
A Versatile Jacket.

Knit on the singlebed or on the ribber,

worked in 1ply full ndl rib or 4ply or even Grigna. Take your pick !! Where it upside down !! Have fun and enjoy. East to knit especially on the singlebed, simple shapes create this easy to wear, useful Jacket.

Up to 48 Bust
Price: 7.00

Book 98Book 98
Single-bed top knitted in fine crepe with an all-in-one feature !

Long sleeved Cardy top with bias knitted cuff frills and interesting twisted front detail, but the top underneath is attached !, the look of a two piece but knitted all-in-one !! Can be plated for an interesting texture. Up to 44 inch bust
Price: 4.00

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